Entrepreneurship Development:

Poverty & unemployment reduction are being done through Entrepreneurship Devlopment Programs run by SNEHA & supported by Government of India. India is an agriculture-based country today too. Its 70% population is residing in villages. Some people residing in villages have agricultural land otherwise mostly is land less but depends upon agriculture or small home based work directly or indirectly. Mostly people residing in villages have more time to consume but because of no direction they are wasting their time in gossips. They can do something much better by consuming this time in the constructive work through which they can generate extra income. Indirectly they can balance environment & can reduce unwanted population pressure of urban areas by involving in rural based work. Scope of our training based work is very wide if we do something for the development of villages. We are trying our best to achieve our targets through Internet & our limited resources.

SNEHA wants to give support to the land less poor involved in allied Art & Craft activities. This is possible by enhancing their access to appropriate and affordable technologies, market related information and linkages, expert advice and risk coverage options through knowledge delivery mechanisms operational at all levels till the village level institutions in the input, output and throughout areas of their Art & Craft economic activity.

We are providing our professional services to various Individuals & Organizations. Institute of Technical & Professional Studies (An unit of SNEHA) is running Distance Learning Programs of various Institutes & Universities.


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