International Association of Financiers, Investors & Consultants

International Association of Financiers, Investors & Consultants "IAFIC"is working in the interest of the members

We are an association that works globally. Being a member of our Association, you can have the funding sources or projects to fund. We shall put them at your fingertips and assure your satisfaction 100%.

However, if you take upfront fees fail to do anything of real value for it and do not refund those fees in full – Association would not have interest in your membership. In other words, we respect to genuine doers.

Association will do their best to tell you who we are, what we do and how you can benefit as a Member of this Association.

The International Association of Financiers, Investors & Consultants (IAFIC) is a group of established financiers, investors & consultants. Every one of them is involved with major tangible domestic or international financial projects and transactions:

Real Estate, Import-Export, Commodities, Minerals, Mergers, Acquisitions, Venture Capital, Syndications, Equity Participations, Leasing, Commercial and Industrial Finance, Offshore Funds, Medical, Manufacturing, Trades, Foodstuffs, Equipment, Motion Pictures.

You'll be with movers and doers with a storehouse full of "inside" connections to share. No wonder Members tend to keep-their-distance from outsiders. Now balanced against this perspective is the realization that it's impossible to be everywhere and do everything all by yourself. A specialized world demands expertise and the brighter of us have discovered somebody, somewhere out there, has exactly the kind of information you need - to complete a transaction or fund your tangible project.

The question then becomes "How can I find that person now?" You can share useful information and referrals with your colleagues through this Association. But just having the "price of admission" doesn't make anybody eligible to join. To become a Member of this Association you MUST be a full-time professional in your field; here's why:

When you write a letter or make a telephone call, are you "shooting in the dark?" Is your contact a knowledgeable professional or an incompetent amateur? Are you dealing with somebody who can "do a deal" or somebody who can only "talk a deal?"

Over the years, we noticed with horror, the deterioration of professionalism in our industry. Many business and financial digests, journals and financial opportunity advertisements had many published contacts, incapable of "doing the deal!"

Weeding through these incompetents; up blind alleys and through daisy chains was so time consuming, expensive and counter-productive, we decided an organization of "real" qualified professionals wasn't just a good idea; it was an absolute necessity!

The International Association of Financiers, Investors & Consultants became a reality in July, 2009 in India. From the beginning, IAFIC Members have opened doors in the financial arena throughout the free world. IAFIC Membership is now recognized and accepted internationally as the mark of a real, qualified professional in many countries.

As an IAFIC Member, a fellow colleague receiving your communications will be a knowledgeable professional. Once accepted, you will have access to:

If you've ever felt "all alone" out there (and who hasn't!), association will afford you an unprecedented opportunity to turn the odds in your favor:

Promote your identity, encourage referrals, accelerate cash flow and insure your future... Use the unending wealth of projects, leads and contacts waiting your special skills.

As a member, you can offer your services to your colleagues within the Association.

Association is immediate access to important capital sources and doable situations. Viable (if not impossible to find) information to choose from and use, the minute it's yours!

If you're turned on by "things that work" -- and want complete info with no pressure, reply to E-mail: with your full name, country and email address. When we see it, we shall email everything you need, promptly. As to your email address, it simply enables me to communicate with you and serves no other purpose.

For getting Membership of our Association, there is no fee/charges but you have to capable for the same. Kindly send your Application Form duly filled completed in all respects.

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