The COVID 19 Pandemic has brought drastic changes in India, exposing the fragility of the already over burdened and under resourced health system. India had the 3rd highest number of total COVID 19 cases in the world. Vaccines are a critical preventative measure in combating any public health crises, especially for the current pandemic.

Vaccination in India, the second most populous country in the world (with 1.3 Billion individuals) is a colossal task with its unique share of complexity and challenges. On January 16, 2021, India launched the World’s largest vaccination drive.

For efficient administration and distribution of COVID 19 vaccines in India, the authorities along with profit and not for profit organizations and civil societies have played a commendable job. The District Magistrate office Dwarka, New Delhi appreciates the welfare activities of the SNEHA FOUNDATION.

SNEHA FOUNDATION plays an important role in preparedness and delivering efficient Vaccination service in rural areas. It has successfully completed many Vaccination Drives in rural areas under the guidance of the DM office and with the support of our hard working volunteers.

You can write to us in case you wish to organize a Vaccination Camp in your area.

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