Veterinary Wellness Centre is an initiative of the SNEHA Foundation, works to rehabilitate and rescue sick and needy animals. It aims to provide ethical treatment to abandoned animals. It offers free and quality medical care to both domesticated and street animals.

Animal rescue projects are conducted with the help of rescue ambulances under the guidance of trained vets.

Our dedicated team of volunteers have been working 24X7 to prevent cruelty to animals. Our work speaks itself. Our motto is to create a neutral zone where animals, humans, and environment can coexist.

Services provided by our Veterinary wellness Centre are:
- Vaccination
- Treatment
- Surgery (Minor & Major)
- Consultancy
- Deworming
- Grooming
- Pet Boarding
- Pet Parenting and Counselling
- Emergency Services

Animals add a little more joy and love in this world. Let us do our bit in giving them a little bit of the same care and affection that they selflessly shower on us.

You can adopt, visit the centre and spend time with our team, volunteer yourself and promote our mission.

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